All our houses can be unplaged to the grid, produciing its own Green Hydrogen and Oxigen


The lower U values, a confort never known before. Thermal & Acustic Hyper-isolation 

Heat and water recovery systems, we  don´t waste resources, we care the world.

All our materials can be recicled from the construction stage till the building end live

Our Company

Our values

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

We are dedicated to contribute to a better and safer future through our business activities and investment strategies. Walking in the footsteps of our group of companies, a recognized leader within this area, we work according to Asset Management’s Responsible Developers Policy.

Sustainable and Responsible Development (SRD)

SRD is investment aimed at a sustainable development that respects future generations, and takes into account issues such as circlular sustainability, labour standards and environment.

Our International presence

Creo ICF Manufacturing Limited
Zero Emissions Hydrogen Homes SL
Creo Morocco Hydrogen, S.A.L.R.

Our method is based in a logical process

Following the Four Steps

An Expert Planification

Take into account project, position, installations, use destination, cost...


If you recover resources, you will save money and cointribute to a sustainable world

An Efficient Isolation

If you don´t loose energy, you don´t need much energy


Use the power of the sun during the day and the power of the Hydrogen during the night or cloudy days

Expertized Team of Developers, Engineers & Architects